2pcs Square Garden DIY Walking Path Maker Paving Cement Brick Mold


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2pcs Square Garden DIY Walking Path Maker

Do it yourself with this easy to use Paver Maker that is a mold to use to create your own patios and walkways. Any one can do it too, just fill mold with concrete, smooth surface, and remove mold and you’re done!

Color: white
Material: propylene + ABS
Size: 27x27x4cm

Smooth surface, easy to remove
Hard strength, environmental security
Keep the beauty and health of your plant by using garden steppingstones as your path way

How to use:
1. Prepare the groud and place the concrete garden mold.
2. Premix the concrete and pour down your own cement bricks, stone or slate to the molds.
3. Remove the mold after troweling smooth.

1. Clean the concrete garden molds for reusing, spray them with garden hose.
2. Garden stone molds can be used again right after you pour the first garden stepping stone so you do not have to wait.

Package Include:
2 X walking path maker

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